Santiago Rubino: Light Out of Darkness

With a delicate aesthetic, blending notions of fantasy and scientific reason, Argentinian-born, Miami-based, Santiago Rubino, presented his newest series of work in “Light out of Darkness”. The illustrator, known for his distinct monochromatic figurative portraiture and enchanting landscapes featured fresh new works at the Art and Culture Center of Hollywood. With an emphasis on scale, Rubino’s exhibition highlighted many small, intimate pieces that further explored the delicacy of his practice. While also being accompanied by some larger scale works, the show presented a full spectrum of his pieces, with each one maintaining a distinct energy or mood. Overall, the subject matter of these new pieces further explore Rubino’s fascinations in nature, life science, and human condition. He makes note of these themes through depictions of microscopes, chemical compounds, and various other fauna set in both concrete and abstract locations. With these elements, gesturing to ideas of science fiction, architecture, regality, varying civilizations, and ancient mythology, Rubino’s portrayals create work that distinctly exists as its own in both craft and cultural value. In all, the culmination of Rubino’s ideas along with his razor-edge execution and immaculate detail created an elegant and timeless aesthetic for “Light out of Darkness”.

The exhibit is currently on View at The Art and Culture Center of Hollywood