tide | tīd | noun

the alternate rising and falling of the sea, usually twice in each lunar day at a particular place, due to the attraction of the moon and sun: the changing patterns of the tides | they were driven on by wind and tide.

  • a powerful surge of feeling or trend of events

Origin: Time period or era

Tide: Miami is a resource providing critical coverage of contemporary and urban arts in Miami with the goal of furthering the city’s narrative and those who propel it. Tide has maintained this goal through ongoing investigation and discussion with artists both local and visiting to conduct interviews and exhibition coverage, relaying defining characteristics of Miami’s cultural programming to a broader audience. Additionally, Tide: Miami provides free professional services directly to artists such as personal literature to build on the credibility of Miami’s arts base.

Tide is a project by Joel Linkewer started when he was fifteen. Though young, he has amassed his knowledge of art and its various facets through many years of independent study and documentation. Joel lives and works in Miami.