Matthew Ronay: "When Two Are In One"

Among the hundreds- if not thousands of cultural showcases taking place during Miami Art week, ongoing exhibits at the Pérez Art Museum maintain their position at the helm of Miami’s art offerings. Celebrating artists in various stages of their careers, one of the most exciting presentations is that of Brooklyn based sculptor Matthew Ronay. In his newly commissioned installation for the Pérez Art Museum Miami’s Patricia Papper Project Gallery, Ronay presents “When Two Are In One.” Well known for his sculptural work, Ronay creates beautifully crafted objects from wood, fabric, and clay, ranging in scale from small freestanding and wall-based sculptures to immersive installations. Using distinct forms and colors, Ronay draws on both totemic and the surreal qualities of objects, conjuring traditions of non-western art making and American folk art, as well as spirituality and psychedelia. For his newest suite of works, Ronay has diverted from a usual use of a muted palette in exchange for more riotous colors that vibrate with energy. The glowing forms, along with their indigenous references, share notes with the work of artists such as Ugo Rondinone, whose landmark, land-art piece “Miami Mountain” was also showcased during Miami Art Week. Though smaller in construction, Ronay’s totems still maintain a keen sense of excitement. Also, more ornate in their construction, Ronay’s sculptures move beyond language and image as they straddle between forms of animalistic yet amorphous imagery. The resulting sculptures highlight Ronay’s themes of modernist abstraction and ritualistic objects. In all, as PAMM explains, “When Two Are In One gives primacy to the viewer's experience, and reward close observation of the textured and vivid surfaces, orifices, and protrusions that comprise his otherworldly forms. A must see during Miami Art Week.

Matthew Ronay: “When Two Are In One” now on view at The Perez Art Museum Miami until January 15, 2017. All images installation views: Matthew Ronay: “When Two Are In One” Pérez Art Museum Miami, 2016. Photo(s): Matthew Ronay