Kashink for Art Basel '14: OUTSIDE/INSIDE

French street artist Kashink was in Miami for the thirteenth edition of Art Basel Miami Beach. Kashink, famous for her portraits of men, cakes, and exploring the boundaries of gender put on a solo show in Wynwood for this years fair. In town for Art Basel Kashink first came to Miami in 2013 when she was invited by the Wynwood Walls to paint for their exhibit “Women on the Walls” an all female street exhibition during Art Basel ’13. Now Kashink is back displaying her newest works in this solo show. After a busy year of painting all over the world it is very impressive that Kashink was able to put together this show for Art Basel completely independently without any representation by a gallery or local help. Her show entitled “OUTSIDE/INSIDE” explores the boundaries of her street vs. studio work. The show also highlights the ideas and methods used to create each piece marking an importance on the process in addition to the piece itself. Though many galleries today display street art work, Kashink further explores this idea in her show by painting many of the pieces on view outside and then bringing them inside to a gallery setting. Painting outside allows Kashink to implement more “street” techniques and methods such as using large rollers or wheat pastes which she is not able to use in her Paris studio. Kashink also does the opposite, creating paintings inside her studio and then going out into the streets and creating larger murals inspired by or even including the studio painting. The results of these methods are on display as five “experiments”. Each a different piece or collection or pieces created in their own unique way accompanied by a ten minute video explaining and showing the process. All together a great show.

Pictures from the show:

Experiment number One

Experiment number Two

Experiments Two and Three

Experiment number Three

Experiment number Four

Experiment Number Five

A view of the exhibit

Paintings by Kashink

A skateboard painted by Kashink

Two paintings of Kashink's popular men

One of kashink's cakes with her print specially released for the show

More Skateboards painted by Kashink

Some of Kashink's street art outside the gallery

A view of the show

Kashink In front of her mural

The Show was located at 3615 NW 2nd Ave in a building that she painted during her first visit in 2013