Gallery Diet Deputes New location with Nicolas Lobo: A Modulor Broth

After eight successful years in the Wynwood Arts District, the pioneering art force Gallery Diet, has moved into a new location situated between Little Haiti and Little River. The former Wynwood mainstay, known for its promising exhibits of cutting-edge work, has transitioned into a four building compound comprised of a 1940’s era storefront-turned-church, a two-story residential house, a separate loft space, and foot outdoor sculpture garden allotting 1,500 square feet of exhibition space.

Without skipping a beat, Gallery Diet, helmed by Nina Johnson-Milewski, unveiled its new space with an exciting solo show by renowned Diet artist Nicolas Lobo. Los Angeles born, Miami-based Lobo inaugurated the current gallery with his newest body of work in “A Modular Broth”. Based on his familiar ideas of re-identifying and developing figurative practice, Gallery Diet describes his new six foot tall works as a practice to: “manip-ulate the parameters of Le Corbusier’s Modulor Man to reconsider how the human form’s material tolerances quantify both industrial and personal space in ways unimaginable at the start of the Modernist Project.”

These panels Lobo displays represent the body in crisis as it adapts and responds to either trauma or therapy. Lobo, known for his diverse range of media, realizes these ideas through his precise and erroneous alterations of HazMat absorbent cloth, Kevlar, Velcro, carbon fiber, and other media. The results yield six foot autonomous objects that reflect the ideas and makeup of bas-relief sculptures while redefining the body as more of an abstract set of quantities rather than an individual sum. Overall, Lobo succeeds in altering the perception of figurative practice and human condition through his attractive makeups of placate, playful patterned panels and arranged, idiosyncratic casted bricks.

The exhibit is now on view until November 26, 2015. Gallery Diet 6315 NW 2nd Ave