Blueshift Project's Made in New York

Blueshift Projects, a new contemporary art space in the heart of Wynwood debuted It’s new 6,000 square foot gallery with a group show entitled Made in New York. The exhibit curated by Robert Dimin showcased the works of eight New York artists. Artists included: Genesis Belanger, David Brooks, Jen Catron, Paul Outlaw, Caitlin Cherry, Nick Doyle, Irini Miga, Dana Sherwood, and Justin Hill. For the exhibit the gallery space was filled with larger than life sculptural works that were both exciting and whimsical.

Upon first entry into the gallery the viewer is quickly drawn to David Brooks’ gigantic sculpture of two sixty foot cherry pickers with its basket filled with palm trees. The palm filled boom lifts take on the shape of two intertwined, mechanized palm trees. David uses the these cherry-picker trees to draw attention to, and talk about the encroachment of urbanization on natural habitats. David has installed these sculptures in different locations in New York and has now brought his eye catching pieces to Miami.

In addition to David’s Palms, pieces like Caitlin Cherry’s sculpture of a pool titled Mute City, Big Blue, Port Town brought some Miami aesthetic to the New York show. Caitlin created a pool embellished with tiles and included a painting submerged in it’s water. Blueshift Projects explains, “ A pool is mysteriously both a sign a wealth and above-ground-lower-middle-class monstrosities. Its scale is key to its message of abjectness, using humor to soften its message.”

Other eye catching pieces included Jen Catron and Paul Outlaw’s sculpture Goya Attempts to Teach the Masses Using Goats as Visual Aids touches on themes of morality as they replace fiberglass horses of a merry-go-round for taxidermy goats.

Dana Sherwood’s presented Banquets in the Dark Wildness, an antique metal food cart fitted with a composition of baking tins, cooking tools, and videos. Irini Miga, Nick Doyle, and Genesis Belanger kept the flow of energy throughout the gallery with their contemporary sculptures.