2501's Nomadic Experiment: "Tons of Tools"

Internationally acclaimed street artist Jacopo Ceccarelli, or as he’s better known as 2501 is an Italian, Milan based artist. 2501 is famous for his monochromatic two dimensional line paintings that seem to create abstract three dimensional forms. 2501 was selected as part of the Fordistas Residency, a project of a group of internationally recognized artists that was first realized in a group show entitled “Friends and Family” for Art Basel 2012. As a part of the Fordistas Residency the Italian artist spent a month in Miami working on his latest, most exciting works. The results were on display at the Product81 (YoAmo305) gallery in Wynwood during the October Second Saturday Art Walk. The show entitled “Tons of Tools” is part of his ongoing project called “Nomadic Experimentations”, which is about 2501 pushing the boundaries of his art, experimenting with the processes, materials, locations and more. 2501 has worked on this project around the world in places like Mongolia, Vienna, and now in Miami. By being invited by the Fordistas Residency 2501 did not have to worry about prices or results allowing him to fully experiment, right in the nature of his project “Nomadic Experimentations”. In his gallery show 2501 shows his latest experiments, trying new and different types of tools to create his iconic line images. Thus the name “Tons of Tools”. 2501 used horse hair brushes, combs, dish washing brushes, and more to create the paintings. In the back of the gallery they sold t-shirts with pictures of the tools 2501 used in his paintings. All the sales from the shirts went to charity. On one side of the gallery there were two long rectangular pieces on display whereas on the other side there several smaller square pieces. on a small wall in the middle there was a gold thermal blanket hung. Most of 2501’s works feature some bit of gold so the solid sheet was a nice touch. There was also a video on display projected on a wall of 2501 painting, showing the process of his street work. The show brought together all the ideas of his Nomadic experiments, investigating the process and also displaying the works for better appreciation. In addition to the show 2501 painted two murals on the facades of the gallery where he worked in during his residency. These two murals were the first that 2501 used his new, experimental tool method. The canvases in the gallery directly reflected his recognizable street work and his murals mirrored his new techniques he first used on canvases. 2501’a work smoothly transitioned from inside the gallery white walls to the outdoor streets and walls. Altogether an excellent body of work inside and outside making a great show. Recently the Show was documented in the December edition of the popular Juxtapoz Magazine, a monthly magazine about the latest art around the world.


2501 explaining one of his pieces

The video of 2501 working

A detail of one of the larger works

2501's Street tools

Street mural #1

2501 painting his mural